Data is an intangible asset that is undervalued and compromised in the current digital ecosystem. Companies are trying to model user networks and predict user preferences to customise experiences by going under the hood by applying machine learning models

Our Mission

To ethically provide internet users with the monetary benefits of their data and enable immediate accessibility and security of personal information.

Our Vision

A financially inclusive, decentralised instant-access identity portal at every person’s fingertips.


Property, money, cars, and houses are all assets you’ve signed a contract to confirm your ownership of. Data, too, belongs to you—your name is yours, as is your credit card information, your search history, and the amount of times you click on buttons on a certain website. So why haven’t you signed a digital contract of ownership over your own data? End user agreements are this contract, but they are practically impossible to understand. We wouldn’t sign away our houses, or cars if we didn’t agree with who they were being given too, though.


of us agree to user agreements even when we don’t agree with the data being shared about us.

The difference is the physicality of tangible assets like property compared to data. At Identity Wallet, we treat data like a physical asset—at each point in our app, easily readable, short summaries of every piece of data required by a company for a specific offer are provided, so you know exactly what data about you is to be shared and can control how much you would like to share.


Rarely do companies explain to their users what exactly their data is being used for, and whether users align by the use of their data or not is never really considered by companies utilising it.

If you were renting out your car or your house, validating how people would use property that is linked to you is a right you have. At Identity Wallet, we stand by the fact that companies you sell your data to must also tell you what they use it for. Data is, after all, an asset like your car or house—just maintained digitally.
In a nutshell, we enable you to choose what causes you want your data to be used for, reinforcing your ownership over data through ensuring your data is treated no differently to any other asset you own.


The data brokerage industry is worth well over a trillion dollars. This sum, however, is distributed only among third-party advertisers and companies that mine your data for analytics. You, as the user, get none of it.

Identity Wallet’s goal is to make you, the user, a part of this rich market because as owners of your data, we think you should get your cut for sharing it to organizations that benefit from it. Currently, users are a source of data, tapped by third-party companies to collect information who make profits off of selling it to big companies.
We want to make you, the user, the source, owner, and collector of your information—the first step is to start by crafting your own digital identity wallet.